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{Latest Trick} How to Delete Skype Messages

How to Delete Messages on Skype or How to Delete Skype Conversations” Is what you are searching for??? Then this is the right place to know the complete step by step procedure to delete skype conversation. Many people who use skype very well even don’t know How to delete conversations on skype. So today I’m going to teach you the step by step process to delete skype messages.

As we all know that skype is an awesome software which is free of cost to use. Skype offers all the mode of communications like Text, Voice Call, and Video Call. Many people are using skype online. Skype stores all the history until you delete it.

Delete Skype Messages

There will be much private stuff which would not be shared. So today we come up with an exciting article on How to Delete skype history. The method which I’m going to share you will have some simple steps by which you can easily delete skype conversation

2 Best Methods to Delete Skype Messages:

Skype provides you all modes of communication like Text, Voice & Video. When you use Text and every single message which you send to someone will be saved by Skype. Every single Chat History is saved by default. Until & unless you clear your chat history.

If your system or computer is accessed by only you then this might not be a big issue. But if it is a shareable system then your private data may be fallen in wrong hands and might leads to misuse of that private data. In order to prevent your data by clearing the skype history, Then follow the below step by step process to Delete your skype Messages.

2 best Methods to Delete Skype Messages
2 methods which I was going to mention here will of same. Just select any one method and go through the complete process.

They are as follows

  • Delete Skype Messages from Privacy Settings &
  • Delete Skype Messages from IM & SMS Settings.

I will also provide a Video at the end of the Article which will make your doubts clear. Video will be clean and the steps which i’m going to explain is explained in the video.

Now let’s move into both the methods One by One. Both the methods will be easy enough and the best thing is both the methods have some similar steps.

Delete Skype Messages from Privacy Settings:

In this method, we simply delete the chat history from skype using the privacy settings option.  The steps here as follows

  • Log in to your Skype Account.
  • Click on Tools as shown below.

how to delete skype messages

  • Now click on Options from the Tools Drop Down Menu.

how to delete conversations on skype

  • The Skype Settings page will be displayed. Now tap on Privacy.

skype how to delete messages

  • You will be seeing a screen like the below image.
  • Select the Amount of History you want to delete from “Keep Settings for” Option.
  • Click on Clear History.

how to clear skype chat

  • A popup will be displayed for the confirmation of deletion.

how to delete skype history

  • Tap on Delete.

That’s it!!! It is so simple to delete the history of skype messages. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the problems which you facing while deleting.

Now, lets move into the second method which is the so a similar the above one.

Delete Skype Message From IM & SMS Settings:

In the above method, we have deleted the messages History from Privacy Settings but in this method, we delete skype messages from IM & SMS Settings. Let’s check the step by Step methods in doing it.

  • Login to Skype Account.
  • Go to skype Main Page.
  • Now click on Tools.

how to delete skype messages

  • Then select Options from the drop down menu.

how to delete conversations on skype

  • Here you will be having a screen of Skype settings. Just click on IM & SMS.

how to delete messages on skype

  • The image below is the screen which you are seeing right now. Just tap on Show Advance Options.

skype delete conversation

  •  Now you will have an IM settings page where all the advanced options are available for changing the setting as you like.
  • Just see you will be having an option like “Keep Settings for“. See the below image for more info.

delete skype conversation

  • Now select the amount of history which you want to delete.
  • Click on Clear History.

how to delete skype conversations

That’s it!!! This is the process how we used to clear the History of skype messages or skype conversation. So simple steps which you people should follow. Every screenshot makes the process so clean. If you have any doubts in Deleting the Skype Messages then you can ask us via the comment section.

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Video On Deleting Skype Messages & Conversations.
As I promised you about the Video on Deleting the skype Messages & Conversation. So here is the video which will help you a lot to understand it clearly.


Finally, You have learned the easiest method on How to Delete Skype Messages & Conversation within few minutes. Feel free to share the article as well as ask your problems. Like us and stay tuned to for some more awesome tutorials.