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How to Make Twitter Private on App(With Screensshots)

How to Make your Twitter Account Private?? This is the question which is making you search for the solution on Google for a long time. If Yes, Then you are the right place to know the solution of How to Make Twitter Private.  Making my twitter account private is a simple task for me now but previously I used to search same as you. After so many searches and experiments, I finally Kept my account to private.

So Today I’m going to teach the step by step method on how to make Twitter private with screenshots. Make Twitter Private and keep all your stuff safe without any misuse. Making Your Twitter Account may have many benefits which can help you out of misusing your personal data. You will be having full powers on your twitter account when you make it private.

how to make twitter private

Without Wasting the time let’s move to the topic on How to Make your Twitter Account Private with the simple method. In this method, we are going to make the account private using Twitter Mobile App. We have selected Mobile App because Many people use Twitter through app only. So let’s jump into the tutorial.

Before Moving into the tutorial let’s see some of the uses When we make our Twitter Account Private.

Uses of Making Twitter Account Private:

Uses of Twitter Private Account

There are many useful benefits by making the Twitter Account to Private. Some of them are as follows

  • You will be having full powers in controlling your account(Like approving people to see your profile or not)
  • Tweets did by you will be seen by your followers only.
  • Any person wants to see your profile, First, he should follow you otherwise there is no option of seeing your data.
  • Your Followers will not be able to retweet your quote or anything until you approve it.
  • When you sent replies to people who are not following you, Then they will not see your messages because he/she is not following you.

Like the below, they are some more benefits to keep your data safe by making the Twitter account private.

Steps to Make your Twitter Account Private:

Now it’s time to start the process step by step to make your Twitter account private. You just follow the steps which I’m going to share below.

Step 1) Login to your Twitter Account on your Mobile APP.

Step 2) You will be seeing the main page of Twitter. Now click on your Profile which will be on the Left Top on the screen.

Step 3) Now you will be having the setting options. Select Settings and Privacy Option as shown in the below image.

how to make twitter account private

Step 4) From here click on Privacy and Safety option.

twitter privacy setting

Step 5) You will be seeing an option called Protect your Tweets. Enable it by click on the check box.

how to make your twitter private

Step 6) Now check your profile. It will be having a Lock Symbol by side of your profile as shown below.

make twitter private

That’s it!!! You made your Twitter account private.

If you want to Delete Your Twitter Account then check this Article on Delete Twitter Account.

This is how simple to make a twitter account private. If you face any problems in doing your account to private. Just comment the problem which you’re facing we will try our best to solve the problem.


As a result, you have learnt how to make Twitter private on app using some simple steps. These steps are very easy and simple to do. As I said above there will be many benefits with the Twitter private account. So make sure to follow the steps and do it successfully. Keep visiting DeleteFree.Com for Some more awesome articles 🙂