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How to Delete a Youtube Channel Permanently

Hi everyone, hope you’re enjoying your day. today I’m back with the most useful topic for the people who use Youtube. Yes, today our topic is “How to delete a youtube channel“. In the following steps, we can know how to delete the youtube channel. Nowadays everyone is maintaining a youtube channel in which we can post the videos and playlists so that it will reach the number of people and we become popular. Youtube has been allocated this Channel feature all its customers. Now, there is no need of media or press to promote our talents and abilities, with this youtube channel, we can promote ourselves and become popular worldwide.

how to delete a youtube channel

Youtube is a huge social media in which we can do whatever we want. We can watch, like, subscribe and even offline the video to watch it without data or wifi. But, sometimes we will create more channels, which are useless to us or in some cases, due to some reasons we want to permanently delete a youtube channel. The below given are the methods through which you can be able to delete your youtube channel Permanently. and also here is an another option in which we can Hide the channel and posts from the viewers temporarily.

Different Methods to Delete a Youtube Channel

So, friends, deleting a youtube channel is not a big deal. We can delete or hide it very easily using the steps given below. Here, I am going to share with you the different methods in which we can delete youtube channel but not account. read the following methods carefully and try them whenever you want to delete your channel. But I will suggest that you should hide the account rather than deleting the account permanently because if once we have deleted the channel it will never be retrieved.

Read the methods given below to know how to Delete Youtube channel and also here you can know about how to delete the channel by using mobile and PC.

Methods To Delete YouTube Channel

1. Hide your Youtube channel Temporarily.

2. Permanently Delete the Channel Content.

3.  Delete Channel Through Mobile.

Let’s see the description and steps to execute these three methods below3. The Following are the steps given in detail to Hide, Delete the youtube channel.

Method 1: Hide the Channel Temporarily

So, Friends Here instead of Deleting the account, you can simply hide your channel. By doing this no one can see your channel, videos, posts or anything. Why I am saying about this option is when you permanently delete your channel, then you cannot get the comments, likes, subscriptions that you have gained to your videos. Also, the deletion of account will also delete all the videos from your database.

So, I will recommend to temporarily hide the channel. If you really want to delete the app permanently, then you can know how to delete the account permanently below. But, first, know about how to hide the youtube channel temporarily.

Steps to Hide the youtube channel On PC

  • Firstly, sign-in to the youtube account in which your channel saved on your PC.
  • Here you can see your account icon of your Account, click on it. Then you can see the Settings symbol as shown in the below Picture.

 delete youtube channel

  • Here, you can see the option overview. In that click on the “Advanced” located below the name of your account.

youtube delete channel

  • Now in this advances Settings, you can see at the end of the page “Delete Channel” option. Click on it.

delete a youtube channel

  • Then, you can see the prompting which asks that “verify it’s you“. Give your password and click “Next“.

delete my youtube channel

  • Here you can see two options, “I want to Hide My channel” and another one is “I want to Permanently Delete My content“.

youtube channel delete

how can i delete my youtube channel

So, in this way you can Hide your channel and accounts content using the steps provided here. Still, you want to delete your channel permanently, then you can simply delete the channel permanently using the steps given below.

Method 2: Delete the channel Permanently

Closing your YouTube channel will permanently delete your content, including videos, comments, messages, playlists, and history. Note that you can’t delete a channel on mobile devices right now.

Steps to Follow

  • Similar to the above steps, sign-in to the account and Click on your account logo in the top right corner.
  • Go to Advanced settings and then Click on “Delete Account”.
  • And verify account in the next step and click the “Next“.
  • In this, just select the second option “I want to Permanently Delete Account” instead of the First option.

delete your youtube channel

  • Then you can see the confirmation window that your account is deleted successfully.
  • Congrats! you have successfully deleted your Account.

Method 3: Delete the youtube channel From Mobile

This is also one of the methods through which you can be able to delete the youtube channel from your mobile devices. But, the only problem is we have to do it in the chrome browser just like the PC. Because the app doesn’t give any option to delete your youtube channel. SO, the process includes the same steps stated as above.

With this, we can delete the channel successfully. make sure that the mobile has been installed chrome web browser. Then you can proceed with the steps given above. That’s it guys now you have successfully deleted your youtube channel from your account.


So, friends, these are the above mention ways through which you can simply delete the youtube channel. Hope you are successfully deleted your channel, now. If you like this post, then share it with your friends through the web and social media accounts. Also, share your views regarding the experience after following the above given methods. Please don’t forget to comment to us in the comment box given below. keep Visiting our website for more details.