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How to Delete Whatsapp Messages Permanently From Server

How to delete whatsapp messages permanently from server: Whatsapp is the most popular social networking app that is used world wide. There are more than 900 million users for this app. This app has the features of messaging, sharing, status updates etc, among that whatsapp messages has became more popular. Many of the users don’t know how to delete whatsapp message from server and this article is for them who want know how to delete whatsapp chat history and messages on their android, iphone and black berry phones.

You can delete whatsapp messages easily but some time still those messages remains in the server, so if you want to delete whatsapp message permanently then you also need to delete messages from server too. Basically this whatsapp does not charge any thing for messages so this app has became more and more popular now a days.

how to delete whatsapp messages permanently from server

This messenger is available for the smartphones of android, blackberry, windows and iphones too. But this app has different settings and appearance for different devices we use. So if you want to delete whatsapp chat then it becomes different for all mobiles which is listed out in this article clearly.

How to Delete Whatsapp Messages

You can do the whatsapp delete messages from group chat, normal chat and history. All these will be different that are explained below.

Here we are going to show you:
  • How to delete whatsapp message from chat
  • How to Delete Whatsapp Messages From Group Chat
  • Delete whatsapp messages permanently from server

Delete Whatsapp Message From Chat

Below are the steps to delete whatsapp message from a particular chat. Follow the below steps:

  • First go to whatspp in your android device.
  • Open the message of the user which you want to delete.
  • Now see for the message you want to delete.
  • Tap and hold on the message for 1 sec. Now a particular message will be selected.


  • If you want to delete multiple messages then tap on each message you want to delete.
  • See down for delete option like a bin. Click on that your message will be deleted.

Delete Whatsapp Messages From Group Chat

You can also delete the messages from group chat.

  • Go to whatsapp account
  • Hold on the group you want to delete.
  • You will see the pop up ith options of delete, exit.
  • First you need to exit from group.
  • Now delete all the messages by tapping and holding messages.



  • Now hold on the icon and click on the delete group option. This will delete your group.

Delete whatsapp messages permanently from server

By doing the above process you can be able to do whatsapp delete message from chats. But this is not done permanently. Still your messages will exist in the servers. So to whatsapp delete message from server follow the below steps.

  • Go to whatsapp messenger app and open the app.
  • Go to settings and swipe it down.
  • To delete all conversations, scroll down to below and select delete all conversations.
  • Now the chats and conversations will be deleted but the backup of files exists.
  • Your Chat History Backup files are saved in the/sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/ folder. This you cannot open.
  • Now go to file manager. If not launch it on your device.


  • Tap on the whatsapp folder.

delete whatsapp messages

  • All the sub folders and images videos will be here.
  • Now tap and hold the database file.
  • Select delete. It will erase every thing.


  • If you want to delete only some files then go to media and select the files you want to delete.

Thats it your files will get erased now. You can select the multiple files and erase them from the data base. Also for simple process you can choose the video files, chats, music, images to delete them.


Hope you have got how to delete whatsapp messages permanently from server. You can delete whatsapp messages from a chat or group chat and for further you can delete those messages from server too. If you are using whatsapp web then its better to clear the data base and start using them again. Hope you like this article visit delete free for more articles like this.