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How to Delete a Page in Word and Word Delete Page

While using a Microsoft word, we can encounter with this problem of unwanted blank pages. So, here we are going to know How to delete a page in word. When you are creating a report for presentation in the office or a College project work, These blank pages may appear in the middle of the page or in the end. We cannot delete that blank page normally because the data will be scrambled and changes its position. So, we wonder that how to delete an extra page in word, Don’t worry, here I have come up with a solution for this annoying problem of Microsoft word delete page. Common, let’s discuss the solutions for this in the below lines.

how to delete extra page in word

Actually, we cannot judge the real reason about why these blank pages appear on the screen. But, here we can draw some assumptions, generally, in the word, we will use so much stuff like images, Clipart charts and graphs in the middle of the text. So, in some cases, these will create extra spaces and then it will lead to the blank page in the middle or at the end of the document. So, to fix this we have given some of the solutions, you can try to delete a page in word.

Ways to Delete a Page in Word

The following given are the different methods to remove a blank page from the microsoft word. The following given are the different solutions through which we can delete the page which will come in the middle or end of the document. Here we have also listed the reasons why this page will occur. Checkout the steps below.

Different Ways to Delete a Page in Word
  1. General Solutions of How to Delete a Page in Word
  2. Use paragraph symbols to Delete a Blank Page
  3. Problems with Tables and Images

Solutions of How to Delete a page in word

The following given are some of the basic and normal solutions, that everyone tries while they see a blank. This will work for a normal word document, which leaves a blank page due to pressing extra centre and other things. So, let’s get into the topic how to delete a page in word.

  • Just go to the blank page you want to delete and then point the cursor in the bottom of the page and then press the Backspace key Until the page is Removed.
  • If you have a problem with the blank page at the end of the page, then you can simply go to the end of the last but one page, then click on “Delete” button, now your page will be deleted.
  • Firstly, go to the View tab and then Tap on “Navigation Pane” and then you can get the thumbnails of the pages of your document. In that just find the blank page and press “Delete” key until the page deletes.

Use paragraph symbols to Delete a Blank Page

This is also one of the best methods, Paragraph symbols are used in the words for formatting and editing of the page. So, in this method, we can view the paragraph symbols as mentioned below.

how to get rid of blank page in word

  1. Firstly, turn on the paragraph symbols, by clicking on the symbol in the menu bar up in the page.
  2. And then check whether the blank page is containing any Symbols displaying or not. Now you can delete the blank page with deleting this symbols.
  3. If you have a blank page in the middle, then it may cause due to a Manual Page break. With this paragraph marks, you can see the page break. Select the blank page and Delete it.

Problems with Tables and Images

One thing that we all don’t know is if you insert a table at the end of the document. Then the word will insert a blank page next to it and also there are so many other things will lead to a blank page. The following are the some of the points:

how to delete a blank page in word 2013

  • If there is a table at the end of your document, Word will automatically insert a paragraph after it. But, we can’t delete that paragraph, you have to make it very small so that it will end up on this page itself. You can do this by using Paragraph marks, just select it and then change the font size to 1 point.
  • If you still see the paragraph symbol in the blank page, then go to paragraph and right click on it. Then a window appears, in that select “Indents and Spacing tab“. Here, change the spacing before and after the paragraph to Zero and also line spacing to zero. Finally, click ok.
  • Unfortunately, if those two options didn’t work well, then another option hides the paragraph. Just tap on paragraph symbol and then open the Font window on the Home tab/ Just check out the box of Hidden and click on ok to save changes.


So, friends, these are some of the methods through which you can delete a page in Ms word. Hope you like this, then please share this post  How to delete a page in word in your social media. Also, share your views with us in the comment section provided below. Thank you so much for visiting our site, keep visiting for more details on How to delete stuff. Have good day guys, I will be back with another interesting article next time, stay tuned and subscribe us to get notified whenever a new post arrives.